Employee Education is an investment and applying video to better equip your employees for the future provides your organization with a plethora of advantages. Incorporating video training not only ensures accessibility and flexibility but also maximizes the effectiveness of knowledge transfer and retention.

Flexibility with Employee Education

Creating Employee Education and training videos generates a lot of flexibility for the type of videos you want to produce. Utilizing video allows you to customize it to the needs of your organization and can cater to different learning styles. It not only allows you to monitor the information being presented but also to format it in a way that works best for your company. 


Videos can be accessed anywhere at any time, which is especially important if employees are located across the country. Employees can watch training videos at their convenience depending on their schedules and engage with the material at their own pace. Trainees can pause and resume the video to take notes or return to later in the day. It is often hard to get large groups of employees together at the same time, and by having training online, employees can watch from the comfort of their own desks.

Increased Engagement and Retention

Due to its engaging nature, viewers tend to pay attention more to the information that is being presented to them in video form. When viewers can both see and hear information simultaneously, it creates an experience that is more engaging and memorable. By combining both visual and audio components, video has the capability to increase retention. Compared to text, people are 95% more likely to retain information they learned in a video.

Cost-Effective Employee Education

While producing high-quality videos may be an initial investment, it can end up being more cost effective than traditional employee training in the future. Once created, videos can be reused for ongoing training needs. Videos can be shared which eliminates the need for employees or instructors to travel, thus eliminating extra costs.

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